Bollywood Celebs And Their Favorite Sex Positions. Check Out The List

Bollywood Celebs And Their Favorite Sex Positions. Check Out The List
Celebs Sex positions
Earlier, the Bollywood industry was very subtle and there were hardly any discussions about “Sex”. But with Bollywood becoming bindaas and bold, celebrities don’t hesitate to speak about their sex lives openly.
There are many bold shows wherein celebs have to face the most personal and embarrassing bedroom questions. Some of them refrain from answering them, while some don’t mind sharing bedroom secrets with fans.
Today, we are here with a list of actors who have openly revealed their favorite sex positions. Do you wish to read about them?
• Alia Bhatt!
Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt is our favorite actress as she’s so cute & beautiful. However, this doesn’t stop her from giving bindaas answers. Her favorite position in bed is “Missionary”. Yes, she had herself told this in an interview.
• Ayushmaan Khurrana!
Ayushman khurana
When Neha Dhupia asked him about his favorite sex position, he named not one but two styles. When he watches TV, his favorite position is “Doggy style” but normally, he prefers “Missionary”.
• Sherlyn Chopra
sherlyn chopra
This actress is seen many a times on the cover of Playboy magazine as well. In an interview, she was asked to reveal her favorite sex position, to which she replied, “On top”.
• Kashmira Shah
kashmira shah
Well, “Doggystyle” happens to be her favorite sex position. She was extra-bold to even reveal how she enjoys making it out in the dark.
• Malaika Arora
malaika arora

Recently, she had come on Neha Dhupia’s popular chat show and revealed how she loves being “On top”.
• Sushant Singh Rajput!
sushant singh rajput

We never thought he would ever leak his bedroom secret, but he did! “69” happens to be the actor’s most loved position.
• Bhumi Pednekar
bhumi pendekar
Even she marked her presence in Neha Dhupia’s show & had no option but to reveal that she enjoys being “On top”.
• Shahid Kapoor
Shahid kapoor
Neha Dhupia asked Mira Kapoor about his favorite position in bed. To this, she said that he’s a “Control freak”, which means he keeps telling her what to do.
So, do you know about positions of other celebrities? Share with us right away.